1 Minute Read: Meet The Retreat Leader - Krystal Antoine

1 Minute Read: Meet The Retreat Leader - Krystal Antoine

We sat down with OMNoire Retreat Leader, Krystal Antoine for a 1-minute read on what brings her joy, and what called her to host and curate transformative wellness retreat experiences with 'you' in mind. 


Hometown: Miami, FL

Occupation:  Creative Entrepreneur

Certifications: In the aspect of wellness, I'm Certified in Mindful Meditation and a Certified Herbalist

Instagram: @herdecree

Favorite Quote: "Can't is not a word."

Currently Reading: Sacred Contract by Caroline Myss

Favorite Destination: Versailles, France

Fun Fact: I'm a former Aerial Dancer

I Define Wellness As: Wellness means not mastering your feelings but acknowledging them. Being present in every moment I spend with others and myself.

Something That Brings Me Joy: A great vegan burger

A Pivotal Moment In Your Life: The moment I decided that taking care of myself was and is a priority in order to live fully.

Why Retreats?: I've always wanted to host retreats and create a space for high- functioning women to just take a pause and embrace the life they've worked hard for and at the same time find what brings them joy and peace.

What I Love Most About Hosting Retreats: Seeing the transformations of every attendee that joins a retreat. Curating experiences in different countries that are not the norm for what's considered a typical wellness retreat.




After an amazingly successful, sold-out retreat this past April (Breathe Easy Retreat), Krystal is back in Bali with the Just B.E. Retreat in Bali April 20-27, 2024 *optional extension April 27-30, 2024.

I invite you to replenish your spirit, replenish your joy, and prioritize your own needs. By cultivating a mindful presence, you will refill your cup, allowing your inner light to radiate and infuse renewed energy into every aspect of your life.

Visit https://omnoire.com/krystalantoine  to learn more. 

Author: Krystal Antoine

Krystal is a woman of color who has discovered the transformative nature of life's events. Rather than dwelling on disappointments, she embraces them, allowing herself to grow. Recognizing the importance of self-care and wellness, she firmly believes that no barriers or permissions are required to take care of oneself. With a firm understanding that wellness takes on various shapes and forms, she confidently shapes her own path.

IG: @herdecree

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