1 Minute Read: Meet Retreat Leader - Alicia Igess

1 Minute Read: Meet Retreat Leader - Alicia Igess

We sat down with OMNoire Retreat Leader, Alicia Igess for a 1-minute read on what brings her joy, and what called her to host and curate transformative wellness retreat experiences with 'you' in mind. 


Currently Residing: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Hairstylist

Certifications: Licensed Master Cosmetologist 

Instagram: @aliciaigess

Favorite Quote: "I have never met a stranger."

Currently Reading: Why am I like this? by Kobe Campbell

Favorite Destination: Jamaica

Fun Fact: I love to dance, but I am not a good dancer

I Define Wellness As: Wellness to me means taking care of your mind, body, and soul in a way that only you can do. It's a personal responsibility that cannot be fulfilled by anyone outside of yourself. 

Something That Brings Me Joy: What brings me joy is witnessing other people experience pure happiness and enjoyment. I have a deep appreciation for intimate conversations that delve beyond surface-level small talk.

A Pivotal Moment In Your Life: A pivotal moment in my life was taking a leap of faith and making the decision to learn host to plan/host my own retreat

Why Retreats?: I was inspired to become a retreat leader out of a personal need. I love traveling; it is a form of therapy. I especially love to travel with my girlfriends. Some of my most cherished moments have been sharing those memories with a group of girlfriends during tough times; it was very healing, and I want other women to experience that.

What I Love Most About Hosting Retreats: This is my first retreat. I'm looking forward to the new connections that will be formed in bringing people together. My innate, caring nature will be in a state of pure bliss, and I know that will bring immense joy to my heart.




Alicia will be hosting The Girlfriend Experience Retreat in Negril, Jamaica May 2-6, 2024.

We invite women like you to who are looking to welcome more laughter, sisterhood, and adventure into your life with a tribe of women ready to embrace you with loving arms.

Visit https://omnoire.com/aliciaigess to learn more. 

Author: Alicia Igess

Alicia, an accomplished award-winning hairstylist, is from the vibrant city of Memphis. She has been residing in Atlanta for 22 years.

IG: @aliciaigess

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